We completely understand our residents frustration with Lake progress but We are working hard behind the scenes on approvals and design to move past these delays and make some good progress.

Keep in mind that although construction hasn’t been impacted by this health crisis, our consultants, engineers, municipal approvals, financing, builder partners have and moving this ahead during this harder than usual time has been a unique experience.

We have some good progress on a few last admin issues that popped up over the last year and with the good weather, we are hoping to begin the stone edge wall In the coming weeks and residents will see Equipment onsite this week.

Here are some high level areas of construction that we will focus on this year.

  • Installation and completion of the stone edge around the perimeter of the lake
  • Lake infrastructure including aeration system
  • Prepping for boardwalk and piers
  • On-site site servicing for the maintenance building and the future amenity building
  • Onsite final grading and initial landscaping
  • Installation of sand
  • Water fill
  • Some fencing and interim fencing

I would be happy to speak with any resident over the phone 780-945-2816 or email at tcosgrave@melcor.ca to further discuss some of the administrative challenges that we have experienced this year.