Ice Safety – Stay Safe and Stay off the Recreational Lake

Safety First

We need to remind residents to Please Stay Safe and Stay off the Recreational Lake. 

The lake is still considered under construction as we are continuing to fill the lake throughout the winter. We have fencing being installed around the perimeter of the lake and we will also add additional warning signs but we want residents to remain vigilant.

The ice surface is not safe for any type of recreation, including skating, sledding, and walking because the water is continuously flowing beneath the frozen top layer.

  • The Ice thickness is unpredictable and highly hazardous
  • The ice surface varies in depth across the whole surface. While it may appear thick in some areas, other areas may have little to no ice.
  • There are generally no visible surface indications of unsafe conditions.
  • Snow often obscures holes in the inconsistent ice.
  • Water is continuously flowing beneath the surface.

If you have any questions or concerns, as always please email

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