Summer Hours – May 2023

Good afternoon residents,

It finally looks like summer weather is here to stay! Due to this warm weather Jensen will now be open from 11 am – 8 pm, Monday – Sunday.

While in the water please be aware the aerator will be running over the next while. It is safe for residents to swim and be on the water while the aerator is on. However, we caution residents on kayaks or paddle boards to avoid the large bubble area as the risk for agitating their floatation devices and causing users to be dislodged or to become disorientated is greater in that area. The aeration can also cause the water to become cloudy, which can affect the visibility for underwater swimmers. If a diver/underwater swimmer cannot navigate properly due to low viability they should stop the activity and return to the beach area.

We are excited to see everyone out enjoying the beach!

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