2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due

Jensen Lakes Homeowner Association 2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due. Membership is mandatory and cannot be opted out of. Fees are for the future operations and maintenance of the Park Lake and Facility. The 2021 Notice HERE Includes a breakdown of operating costs for the 2021 year. Invoices have just been sent to the […]

Jensen Lakes Community Rink Dec 2020

The Jensen Lakes community rink opens TOMORROW, December 18th! –        The rink is located just south of the future beach house; access to the rink is via a pedestrian gravel pathway directly across from Joseph Demko School. –        The rink is open from 7am to 10pm daily, the lights will be turned on daily from 4pm to […]

Community Stormwater Ponds-Safety Info for Residents

For the safety of all our residents and their families and friends please stay off Stormwater ponds. They are not safe for any use in any season. Please read the full safety details and explanations from the EPCOR website https://www.epcor.com/products-services/drainage/stormwater/Pages/default.aspx